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Features of our Safety and Security Mirrors and Domes
Freshly mirrored acrylic
Domes and Mirrors Product Line
Safety & Security Mirrors
  • Provide a view of long halls and corridors

  • Provide safety around corners and intersections

  • Offer a view from behind obstacles, such as aisles, shelves and machinery

  • Available in multiple sizes for various environments

  • Polycarbonate and Safety Border models are available

Mirrored Domes
  • Provides a 360-degree overhead view

  • Allow for visibility between aisles and at four-way intersections

  • Mounted or suspended from ceilings for clear viewing angles

  • Polycarbonate and Safety Border models are available


America's largest manufacturer of Domes and Convex

Keeping your business safe and secure is our priority, Domes and Mirrors are the first line of defense to prevent shop lifting and work place accidents.

Our Line of Safety and Security Mirrors
An Investment in Peace of Mind
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